the Discussion


We're going to use this chalkboard to talk about topics like 'what bike should I bring?', 'do I need to train for this ride, and if so how?', 'is it important that I shave my legs?' - all the things you need to know or are concerned about basically. We'll have real rider input here to give you some idea about what you're signing up for - like the fact that Chuck Officer said in 2015 that the DP was the toughest ride he'd done, and there was no way he was doing it again, but there he was rolling out of the Dothan Brook School parking lot at the start of the 2016 ride!




The 2018 DP Course

Is the course for the 2018 DP ride determined yet? Yes – and it’s...
12th Apr 18

The 2017 DP Course

Is the course for the 2017 DP ride determined yet? Yes – provisionally. Which...
14th Nov 16